History of the Company

Founded in 1983 by Vermont glass artist Lucy Bergamini, Bergamini Beads is one of the earliest American makers of Venetian Cane Glass, which was first developed in Italy in the 1600s. Rods of colored glass are twisted and pulled by two glass blowers to 30 feet or more in length, then hand cut on a diamond saw and tumbled or fire polished to a high shine. Because of the complexity of this work, only a handful of American artisans endeavor to make this kind of bead. As the current owner of BB, master glassblower Benjamin Wright and myself continue the quality work that Lucy started 28 years ago, focusing on excellence though every step of the glass-blowing and later, the grinding and polishing processes that turn raw silica into a symphony of color in glass. Because of this, Bergamini Beads remains a sought-after supplier for jewelers, designers and bead stores looking for brilliant color and superior glass in their furnace glass beads. Today, we specialize in the 17th c. Italian specialty of Latticino and Double Latticino styles while also offering Solids and Stripes in every-changing colors. We offer seven different cuts in a wide range of diameter sizes. While introducing new beads annually, we also maintain a constant offering of designer favorites. We offer matched pairs which are useful for earrings and symmetrical pieces and always welcome inquiries for custom cuts and sizes of beads Each Bergamini BEAD is a unique little hand-worked piece of art and history, which means that whatever you produce with them will be a one-of-a-kind Masterpiece! We invite you to explore our site and Enjoy pure Color and Beauty in Glass! - Laurie Jager